❚Ominux Games

We have been developing Starmancer for more than 4 years, but it is only recently that we have started working full time.

It has since gone through a few major revisions, the most recent one being the switch from a room based building system to a system using tiles and objects.
Over the years the art style and gameplay has been refined in each iteration and we are constantly
re-evaluating and improving our design.

We recently started our push for publicity through social media and we have learned a lot these past few months and gained loads of supporters along the way, for which we are super grateful, thank you!

We are really excited about how development is progressing and each week brings us closer to release.


You can find out how to contact us, here.

We also have a press kit, here.

❚The Team



The Artist

Been doing pixel art for more than 6 years and Low-poly 3D for 3 years.
Always been interested in game design and how games work.

  • Big fan of Mechs, Cyberpunk and Sci-fi design.

  • Enjoys adding faces to inanimate objects.

  • Sometimes obsesses over weird details.



The Programmer

  • All around great guy.

  • Ergo keyboard enthusiast.

  • Half-robot, half-human.