Star Map Information

This is a general overview of features we want for Starmancer. These Milestones will not take an equally long amount of time or effort, and not all planned features are included here. The order and the scope of these features may change during the course of development, as we strive to keep it flexible.

Disclaimer: We also routinely forget to update the starmap. If this bothers you you can challenge Victor to a fist fight.

If it really really bothers you you can tell us about it in our Discord.

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(Last Updated: 22 May 2019)

Engine Overhaul

Since after the Kickstarter, we’ve redesigned Starmancer from the ground up. You can read about it here.
The redesign has affected all of our release dates, but the new Starmancer is much more flexible, moddable, and sustainable.

We know that you want to play Starmancer as soon as possible. We want that too.
But we won’t release a half-finished or rushed game.

Daily Information

You can view our public Instagantt page to see patch notes, known bugs, and everything that we’re currently working on. This is allegedly updated every day.

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The format could be better, but this is free and it syncs directly with our project management tool, Asana, so it requires almost no extra effort on our part (which means we can spend more time creating Starmancer).