▌Colonist Creator

During our Kickstarter, we offered the "design a colonist" reward. It allowed you to design a colonist with a unique name and backstory.

If you don't provide a name or backstory, we will create one for you. The backstory can be anything that you want, just keep it appropriate. There is a more detailed explanation of the backstory at the bottom of the page.

If the app fails to load, disable your ad-blocker or try another browser. (If you only see a black page, then the app failed to load)

▌Instructions for BackerKit:

When you're satisfied with your colonist, hit Save / Load, then press Copy to Textbox. Your code will now be in the Textbox below the app -- copy the code and paste it into your Survey Question on BackerKit.

If you finished your survey already, or if you would like to edit your submitted colonist, you can click here, or you can go to the Order Confirmation Page, and click the Edit Pledge Question button.


Note: There are only 3 valid skin values, but you can manually change the skin to 3 (blue) or 4 (green). This skin color won't be valid if you submit your colonist with it. There are no hidden eye colors, hair colors, or hair styles.


▌Backstory & Lore

The backstory for your colonist can be almost anything. It doesn't even have to be a backstory per se, it can be a description of their personality, quotes, a poem, or a silly rhyme if it fits. As usual, no copyrighted names. Humor is fine, but avoid memes.

The colonists are regular people who have had their consciousness digitized and uploaded to the Starmancer's data banks.
Their time of digitization can stretch back all the way to present time, so if you want to create yourself as a colonist, you can.

Lore details
Humanity left Earth due to an -- unknown -- imminent threat or disaster and by that time, most of the solar system had been colonized, including smaller planets and moons, but the majority of people still lived on Earth and Mars. 

There wasn't enough time or space to physically evacuate everyone, so digitized versions of people's consciousness were uploaded to the data banks of the Starmancer Ark ships. Not just the people alive at that time, but the consciousness of people who had been alive for hundreds of years before.

All of these minds have been frozen in time since then and it's only when the Starmancer creates new physical bodies for them that they come alive again.