14 Nov 2016 - 18 Nov 2016

[Body Parts]

Colonists now have 3 body parts: Head, Arms, and Legs.

Damaging the head causes an increase in the sleep need and prevents them from being able to work.

Damaging the arm reduces the speed at which farming, cooking, and mechanic-stuff is performed. Actions can now require a minimum number of working hands (but none do right now)

Damaging the legs reduces movement speed. Damaging both legs causes a significant movement penalty.



I wanted to make the body parts actually do something, so now colonists have a small chance of breaking bones when doing various actions. The break chance goes up if they're malnourished or when they have low morale.


If they actually break a body part then they have a 50% chance of breaking an arm. 40% chance of leg, and 10% of head.


It's a bit silly that a colonist could be a farmer and somehow break their head, but my head-canon is that they trip and fall.

[Dead Body]

Dead bodies are now ClaimableObjects, so Colonists will appropriately unclaim dead bodies if they die or fail when going to a dead body. Dead bodies are now considered abandoned resources so colonists that die in the morgue will be disposed of properly.

I changed the dead body resource crate so that it's a body bag now.


When I say "can" it means that the disease feature is optional.

Diseases are composed entirely of symptoms. A symptom could be almost anything so diseases are quite flexible.

Diseases can be "stackable." This means that a colonist could be infected by multiple instances of the same disease at the same time (if it's a stackable disease.) Colonists can't be infected with multiple non-stackable diseases of the same type. It wouldn't make sense for the colonist to catch the flu while it already has the flu, but it would make sense for the colonist to "catch" multiple food poisonings.

Diseases can be cured naturally over time. Once doctors are added I'll allow doctors to manually cure diseases and to reduce the natural cure time of specific diseases (or maybe all diseases)

Diseases can be transmitted to other colonists whenever 2 colonists are in the same room. Each contagious disease has a random chance of infecting another colonists. Malnourished colonists have a greater chance to become infected.

After being cured colonists become immune to the disease for whatever immunity duration the specific disease has. This is to simulate the antibodies that colonists develop for diseases. It also (for gameplay) makes it possible to heal an entire colony (otherwise curing an entire colony would be difficult, because colonists would keep reinfecting each other.) We could also have diseases that colonists are forever immune to, like chicken pox.

One last thing. It would be possible to create "carrier" diseases, where certain colonists are infected with a disease but receive no symptoms. These colonists would still spread the disease to other colonists without themselves feeling sick. I would like to do something with inherit genetic resistance to certain diseases eventually.


[Common Cold]

I added the common cold. It increases thirst and sleep rate of colonists. It also gives them a small morale penalty. It can be spread to other colonists. Immigrants have a 5% chance of spawning with some sort of disease. So if there were 20 immigrants 1 of them would have a disease. They also have a small (3%) chance to have a broken body part.

I'm not sure if I want colonists to randomly get diseases. I don't like the idea that diseases can just come from nothing. I also like the gameplay implications of not trusting outsiders.



1.) Removed Unique Tag from ObjectPoolObjects in the editor. It's now automatically generated from the HashCode of the object. The UniqueTag member still exists, but now it's NonSerialized.

2.) You can now press left alt to reset the camera rotation. This is nice for testing out sprite positions.

3.) If there's an idle elevator platform the ElevatorRoom that the requesting colonist is at it will be used instead of a platform at another ElevatorRoom.

4.) Colonists on missions have a small chance to break body parts and contract diseases.



1.) Water and cup of water now actually restore water when being drank.

2.) Fixed a bug where abandoned resource crates couldn't be delivered to the room that they were abandoned in (like if a crate was abandoned in a storage room, it would never be able to go to that storage room)

3.) Fixed a bug where colonists would get stuck on elevator platforms