This Week in Review: Starmancer

In our typical posts we cover only one specific task in detail. This ignores all of the other tasks that we do, so for this post I’ve summarized a week’s worth of tasks.

The idea is to give you people an idea about the sorts of things we do, and to reassure you that we’re actually doing something.

Most tasks involve a lot more effort than what I’m describing, but to keep this brief I’m only going to talk about the end-state change that the player can observe.



Evan spent most of his week implementing user interface things.

You can no longer delete objects if another object is relying on them, and multiple objects can now be selected for deletion.

He also implemented the foundation tool, which is a tool that allows you to hold and drag to build a room surrounded by walls.

Foundation tool in action

Foundation tool in action

He also adjusted the positioning of skybox objects so that they’re randomized within their cells.

Randomizing the positions breaks up the pattern

Randomizing the positions breaks up the pattern

Raw List

  1. Walls are no longer deleteable if any cosmetics are on them

  2. Floors are no longer deleteable if any objects are on them

  3. Walls are no longer deleteable if it has an adjacent door

  4. Implemented the foundation tool

  5. Multiple objects can now be selected for deletion

  6. Adjusted rate of food decay

  7. Skybox objects now have more randomization in their placement



Victor is the only person with any artistic talent on the team, so his tasks usually involve something visual.

This week he resized and repositioned a few objects.

The new dish dropoff is slimmer and fits into half a floor

The new dish dropoff is slimmer and fits into half a floor

He fixed some sorting issues with colonist’s arms while they’re animating.

He adjusted the clipping values of the camera so that colonists clip through 3D objects must less frequently now.

Clipping fixes (exaggerated)

Clipping fixes (exaggerated)

The delete cursor shader now uses a better blending system and it pulses.

A reactor selected for deletion

A reactor selected for deletion

Raw List

  1. Resized food drop-off

  2. Resized chairs and sofas

  3. Fixed an issue with the flower pot material

  4. Repositioned cupboard

  5. Fixed an animation issue with the crop drop-off

  6. Fixed a sorting order issue with colonist arms

  7. Provided feedback on new sounds

  8. Adjusted camera clipping values

  9. Adjusted the delete shader

  10. Added discord links to the website



Tyler spent most of the week fixing colonist and item issues.

He fixed a few pathinding bugs.

Crops now require water (in a better way than they did before) and they retain this water forever. This water is transferred to any food dishes created. When colonists eat food they’re now given the water and deposit it into a toilet when urinating.

Colonists will now dispose of dead bodies in the morgue incinerator

Internally dead bodies are just items

Internally dead bodies are just items

Items are now more consistently displayed as plates, boxes, or single pieces. Items more consistently lookup their attributes.

Boxed vs Single Wheat

Boxed vs Single Wheat

Raw List

  1. Fixed a bug where colonists would walk through objects if they were placed after the colonist had generated a route

  2. Fixed a pathfinding issue when you placed an access position on the same floor as an unwalkable object

  3. Crops now require water and a percentage of that water is now retained and transferred to any cooked dishes

  4. Colonists now store water directly from cooked dishes and deposit it to toilets when urinating

  5. Colonists dispose of dead bodies in the incinerator and dead body locker now.

  6. Created items in food recipes and crops will now lookup their attributes.

  7. Item crates are now consistently displayed as plated, boxed, or single regardless of which object is currently storing them


Here’s a new song that Dirk made. Listen to it. Love it.


That’s It

So that’s basically everything that we did this week.

Let us know in the Discord how you feel about this style of post (where I write a very brief summary of everything instead of going into detail on one specific task).

I think it’s more interesting to get into the specifics and talk about how the game internally works, but I’m biased.