Weekly Dev Update 4


We’re still doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work, so there’s not much to show other than this list of Ingredients that we managed to sneak in.

We expected a bit of a dry spell in social media after the Kickstarter and it will likely continue until alpha as the majority of the work leading up to it will be boring framework stuff.

Music and SFX

Victor has been in contact with a few composers the past weeks as well as drafting up our plans for music and sound effects. He even had the nerve to get sick with the flu, but managed to recover after a week so we didn’t have to biomass him and grow a new Artist.
We’re hoping to announce who we’ll be working with as soon as everything is final!

Victor has also been the one handling the work on BackerKit, responding to emails and the remaining surveys, not leaving much time for fancy graphics. But I’ve heard he’s itching to get back to pixelling.


As for Evan and Tyler, they continue to work on making the game moddable and saveable. This has required a somewhat extensive engine re-write, but it's almost finished.

We expect the saving to take another two weeks. It's sort of difficult to get a good estimate, because there's so many little things to save.

Our plan is to either have an extensive blog post or a live stream to demonstrate how saving and modding work.


Although we’re still aiming for a Alpha release by the end of June,  as the deadline draws closer it seems like a more realistic date for the Alpha might late July, maybe even August.
It's hard to estimate, but we'll keep you updated on our progress!

We'd also like to remind everyone that the alpha will be a real alpha and not a polished Early-Access release. It will lack features, it won't be balanced, there will be bugs.

Survey Questions

We’ve been peeking at your survey answers and they’ve been really cool and creative!
So keep up the good work! We’re really excited to be putting your ideas into the game and we hope you are as well.

The final survey questions for The Chef and The Cheater should be finished soon.
You can see the ingredients we've planned in the image above.
We’re excited to see what Cheat phrases and Food Dishes you come up with.

The Design a Colonist survey will be a bit trickier. We’ve been working on a Colonist Generator that you’ll be able to use to pick your Colonist Hair, colors, name, gender, etc. As well as writing a brief backstory for them. More info on that soon!

That's all for now.
Thanks for Reading!