Alpha Patch 0.0.10 - Fighting

Alpha Patch 0.0.10 is live!

We added a basic fighting system with blood, weapons, and anger.

The fighting animations aren’t finished yet, so just pretend that it looks way cooler.


Colonists can acquire a bleeding perk when they’re hit. This will periodically spawn some blood splats and damage the colonist. Bleeding can also stack, so a colonist could become quite messy.

Right now, blood can be placed on floors or walls, with a randomized position and rotation. Eventually I’d like to place blood on objects, like beds, but there’s a lot of objects that we’d have to populate with splatter placement values.

A crippled Susan beats up Roy, who also becomes crippled

A crippled Susan beats up Roy, who also becomes crippled

Bleeding lasts for a random duration between 10 and 120 seconds. Eventually, we’ll implement some sort of medical system.

Weapon System

Anything carried by a colonist can potentially be a weapon (right now there are no weapons, though).

When a colonist has no weapon, their fists are used.

Weapons have the typical attributes: damage, hit chance, range, cooldown, line-of-sight angles, etc. But they can also do way more—weapons can knock-out opponents, add perks, display speech bubbles, modify needs, etc.

Right now, the fists have a 5% chance of knocking out an opponent, a 2.5% chance of adding the crippled perk, a 20% chance to add the bleeding perk, a 100% chance to spawn some hit effects, a 25% chance to display a random speech bubble in the user, and they reduce the users anger by 20 per swing.

Bob, the RNG god, knocks out Bill in 1 punch. He also punches him once more, for good measure.

Bob, the RNG god, knocks out Bill in 1 punch. He also punches him once more, for good measure.

Some weapons could have a higher bleed chance, like a knife. While others could have an increased chance of crippling, like a baseball bat.


Internally, anger is a need, like hunger or sleep, but it’s not shown to the player.

Anger has a value between -100 and +100. +100 is when a colonist is as angry as possible.

Getting punched or seeing an enemy will increase anger. Using weapons will decrease anger.


Aggression is the “thing” that controls a colonist’s actions during combat. A colonist with high aggression will fight, and a colonist with low aggression will flee.

Aggression is calculated based on: Health + Anger + Morale + Relationship.

So a colonist will fight their best friend if they’re really really angry. They’ll stop fighting if they become too injured (unless they’re really angry).

More specifically, there’s several stages of combat, each controlled by aggression (in no particular order):

  1. Instigate Fight - When a colonist sees another colonist, and starts fighting.

  2. Fight Back - After being attacked, should the colonist fight or flee?

  3. Attack Unconscious Colonist - Should the colonist continue to fight, even when the other colonist is incapacitated?

  4. Health Check - If health is too low, stop fighting, and flee.

The intent with the aggression system is for small fights to provide a warning to the player before they escalate into murder, and to prevent needless suicidal rages.

Movement Speed

When in combat, the movement speed of all colonists is slightly increased. The intent behind this is so that the player can more easily see that a colonist is fighting.

I didn’t want a fleeing colonist to run faster or slower than an attacker, because it wouldn’t make much sense. (how could an attacker catch up, for example).

Morale Perks

I implemented a system where colonists can randomly acquire perks based on their morale level.

  • Depressed - Doesn’t work, moves slower, increased sleep need, only talks about sad things.

  • Saboteur - Breaks objects.

  • Maniac - Requires -999 aggression to fight and kill. This colonist will fight any colonist they see to the death. Randomly laughs and curses too.

The morale value required to remove the perk is different from the morale value to acquire it. So depression might be acquired at morale -10, but it requires morale of +25 to be cured.

Perk Icons

Victor created icons for the perks.

The intent is for the player to recognize the basic idea of a perk without having to mouse over and reveal the tooltip.


I also added 2 new random perks:

  • Pacifist - Never Fights

  • Aggressive - Fights more often

Patch Notes

New Stuff

- Added blood splats to floors and walls
- Added some new speech bubbles
- Implemented a fighting system
- Implement a weapon system
- Colonists will now sleep for longer, and always for at least 30 minutes
- Created icons for most of the perks
- Added new random perks: pacifist and aggressive
- Added some negative morale perks: depressed, saboteur, and maniac

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where multiple AI states were occurring at the same time
- Doors will more consistently be unwalkable when not powered, offline, and broken
- Timers now default to being finished, this fixed some random issues.

Next Patch

Our goal for the next patch is to polish up the fighting system with animations and memories. After that’s finished, we want to start on an item system and possibly colonist skills.

Our loose goals for the milestone are:

Item System > Drug System > Colonist Skills > Health System

Thanks for reading,