20 Nov 2017 - 15 Dec 2017

The past few weeks have been full of holiday things, so it just made more sense to wrap the changelog into one normal sized post instead of 3 small posts.

This post still seems small, but that's because we upgraded to Unity 2017.2 (from 5.5) and I had to spend a lot of time optimizing unit tests. Unit test performance in Unity 5.6 and above is terrible. We went from about 4 seconds to run all tests to over a minute. 


    1.) FluxWallSides are now refreshed in the lighting when they're enabled
    2.) WallObjects now refresh themselves in lighting when placed.
    3.) Colonists are now refreshed when changing job outfits.
    4.) External doors are now lit correctly.
    5.) Removed light intensity decrease on dynamic lights, because it wasn't being used
    6.) Colonists are now lit correctly when walking through doors.

    1.) Adjusted door shader so that it's lit when doors are being placed.
    2.) Organized shaders so that the ones we actually use are easier to find.
    3.) Implemented custom categories for the build menu.
    4.) Billboard is now a Red Alert Object
    5.) Walls can now use palettes
    6.) Removed hot key from red alert button
    7.) Added a unique solar system body prefab for all body types.
    8.) Solar system bodies can now use the palette system.
    9.) Added MaxPaletteIndex to the solarSystemStats file.  
    10.) Upgraded to Unity 2017.2

    1.) Doors are now lit correctly when the player builds a room within another room
    2.) Fixed a bug where floors weren't self lit when template objects
    3.) Fixed a bug where adjacent corner floors would include the non-corner.
    4.) Fixed a bug where lights would stay off if a colonist died while sleeping.
    5.) Fixed a bug where replacing a disabled floor would throw a lighting error.