13 Nov 2017 - 17 Nov 2017


1.) All BuildableObjects are now added to their room light source when created.
2.) Floors are now correctly refreshed when they're replaced with another floor (and when their tile pieces are changed)
3.) Doors are now lit correctly once placed (there was an issue with the automatic door rotation)
4.) Room lights are now RedAlertObjects (and the animations are called when appropriate)
5.) Dynamic Rooms are now only created/changed for the relevant rooms (so a room far away won't be affected at all)
6.) Lights now transition when rooms are merged (which happens when you delete a wall)



1.) Added a script for changing multiple palette indices at the same time.
2.) Added a script for changing multiple material offsets at the same time.
3.) AnimationMaterialOffset now has 2 animation events: Start and Stop. The material offset will constantly refresh between these events (much less performance intensive)
4.) Removed "MaterialToUse" in AnimationMaterialOffset. The material index will now always be used.

1.) Fixed a bug where corner wall pieces were not correctly added to DynamicRooms when there was a 1x1 floor in a room.
2.) Walls will now be self-lit before being placed.