04 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017

[Drinking Fountains]
    1.) Added drinking fountains
    2.) Colonists will queue the "FindWater" state once thirst is at 75
    3.) Drinking fountains are only valid if they have access to clean water in the pipe.

[Aquatic Crop Spots]
    1.) These are regular Crop Spots, but they have a variable for "amountOfWaterNeededInTank"
    2.) Water is requested from the clean water grid when powered.
    3.) Water is returned to the grid when object is turned off (as dirty water.)
    4.) Crop spot is not tendable or plantable until enough water has been stored.

[Farm Spots]
    1.) Farm spots now require power (they can't be planted or tended while lacking power, but they can be harvested)
    2.) Implemented power animations
    1.) Adjusted position of food on FinishedDishCounter
    2.) Reduced min clipping plane in MainCamera from 5 to 2
    3.) Informed the world about the changelog on the website
    4.) A thought is now displayed every time that a colonist is damaged
    5.) Colonists are now damaged from the cold/heat every 20 minutes (used to be every 60 minutes)
    6.) Removed stale food tier
    7.) Water Storage Objects must be powered before they are added to grid.
    8.) Water storage objects will now be removed from the grid when unpowered.
    9.) All powered objects will now set the animator boolean "isPowered" to true/false when they gain/lose power (some objects used to do this on a case-by-case basis, but now they all do it.)
    10.) Added a class for setting animator booleans in BuildableObjects, this helps for the tests (when there's never an animator.) 
    11.) Powered Objects will now start/stop requesting power when they're turned online/offline (before an offline object would continue to use power.)
    12.) Warning popups are now removed when an object is turned offline. This removes the visual clutter from an object that you don't care about.
    13.) WaterStorageObjects are now removed from the grid when turned offline.
    14.) Adjusted ComplexBooleans so that they can use BooleanReferences, which can include a callback for easily changing the boolean value (this is used in determining if atmosphere can flow.)
    15.) Atmosphere will now flow through doors when colonists walk through them.
    16.) Water pipes will now be automatically added/removed if objects use water/dirty water as a piped resource.
    17.) Colonists will now always take a side dish and entree

    1.) Fixed a bug where all thoughts were displayed as "Made enemy" thought.
    2.) Resource Piped Input will no longer display a warning if an objects internal storage + the available piped resource meets or exceeds the amount required (before an object would display a warning even if it no longer needed the piped resource)
    3.) InfrastructureConnectingObjects (wires, vents, pipes) will no longer affect floor atmosphere flow at all. This fixed a bug where atmosphere would flow through doors.
    4.) Abandoned crates are now positioned 4 units above the colonist's position. This fixed an issue where abandoned crates were clipping through floors slightly.