11 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017

    1.) Floors can be removed even if adjacent floors would become disconnected from the colony now
    2.) Removed other types of walls from the build menu (since you can change the default wall through painting)
    3.) Lockers can now be placed flush against walls
    4.) You can now delete cosmetic objects.
    5.) FluxWall sides now have a parameter for the position of cosmetic objects (this fixed an issue with off-centered paintings on certain wall types)
    6.) Floor blood splatters will now spawn in a circle around the colonist.

    1.) Fixed a bug where 1x1 objects weren't using the correct calculated floor when on the left side of a floor.
    2.) Fixed a bug where foundation walls weren't using the Red Alert system. Added SceneValidator for walls having BuildableWallAnchors to prevent the issue in the future.
    3.) Fixed a bug where colonists would get stuck in toilets
    4.) Fixed a bug where ForcedPaletteObjects didn't work on floors.