03 Jul 2017 - 21 Jul 2017


1.) Added knowledge for colonists.

2.) Colonists can "know" things, such as the position of another colonist.

3.) This is used for combat. Colonists don't always magically know the position of their target.



[Search For Target State]



[Pirate Spawner]

1.) Dropships will no longer spawn near each other.

2.) Pirates will now start as enemies with existing colonists.

3.) Pirates will now start as friends with other pirates.

4.) Added "Hacking Device." Pirates need a hacking device in order to hack doors. 

5.) Pirates now return to their ship when all colonists are dead.

6.) If all pirates are killed then the ship will leave without them

7.) Pirates will leave after about 12 game hours. They will also leave if they can't reach the remaining colonists.

8.) Pirates will now spawn with the position of the "colonistSpawnPosition" gameobject on the dropship

[Combat State]

1.) Fixed a bug where cover positions not on a parent floor would cause a crash.

2.) Colonists must now be within a 90 degree (+- ~5) angle to their targets.





1.) Colonists can now "exclaim" things. This will prevent conversations for a bit.


[Fight or Flight]





1.) Added "NeverVisuallyMove" script for GameObjects that should not be visually moved. This is used for the Access Positions of walls

2.) Increased delay between topics in conversations.

3.) Moved "canBeWalkedThrough" to nonPersistentMetaData.canBeWalkedThrough." This might cause some weird issues.

4.) Colonists will no longer rotates toward a position that they're already at (this would happen occasionally, and would make colonists seemingly rotate in circles.)

5.) Sorting order of HybridSprites will now be updated constantly, rather than only when the angles change.

6.) Doors no longer block line of sight if colonists can walk through them.

7.) Colonist thinker will now stop all coroutines whenever a state finishes

8.) Adjusted colonist animator so that heads aren't shown when colonists first spawn. It's a default animation.

9.) Added a transition from default to walking in colonist animator.

10.) AI_Actions no longer require a frame delay between them.

11.) SUPER IMPORTANT: Added "RenderedObjectParent" to colonist renderer. All gameobjects that are visually displayed should be childed here.


1.) Fixed a bug where objects existing on scene start wouldn't find the proper floor if they had been rotated.