24 Jul 2017 - 28 Jul 2017

[Furniture Palette]

1.) Added script called "PaletteObject_GameObject" attach it the any GameObject and it will automatically change its palette when the parent BuildableObject is constructed.

2.) "PaletteObjects" have an "orderOfPalette" variable. This controls which index is used in nonPersistentMetaData.allPaletteIndicies.

3.) Renamed "allPaletteIndicies_InOrder" to "allPaletteSlots"

4.) Added "GeneratedPalettes" for when you want to have multiple colorable areas within a single texture (like with the colonist heads.)


1.) Colonist heads now store their skin palettes

2.) Colonist heads are now rendered like the bodies, with animation events.

3.) Added Helmets. They replace the head temporarily.

[State Improvements]

1.) Added "Ad-Hoc" State categories. These can be changed to at any time, and any queued states will be cleared when the adhoc category is finished. So an ad-hoc category for being "scared"

2.) Pirates will now cause all nearby (with LOS) colonists to enter the FightOrFlight state, if they aren't already in the Scared Category.

3.) Colonists will now stop fleeing if the aggressor becomes null.


[Palette Improvements]

1.) All GeneratedPalettes must now have a "PaletteType" on them (both in the script that creates the palette and the script that uses the generated palette.)


1.) Added emergency beacon to the BuildObjects.

2.) Added a boolean, "shouldHotKeyWorkWhileDisabled" to buttons. If set to true then you can press the hotkey if the button is not currently enabled.

3.) The scene validator will now run every time you press play. This can be disabled by going to tools > disable automatic validation

4.) HybridSprite sides are now refreshed in the same frame that their offsets are changed. This fixed an issue where the head would move a frame after the body.

5.) Showfloor scene now automatically removes any ColonistSpawner scripts at runtime.