05 Dec 2016 - 09 Dec 2016



Doctors cure all diseases

[Medical Beds]

Unconscious colonists are taken to a medical bed, and a doctor is queued to treat them


Death has a chance of inflicting comas on colonists. This makes the colonist go unconscious



Breakable objects now have a list of fires to start, and a chance to start fire when they break. So a random fire object is started, but objects don't have to start fires every time that they break.

Fire consumes oxygen and destroys it (it's not converted into carbon dioxide.) I want fire to be destructive, so I think it would be too forgiving if the player could simply convert all of the consumed oxygen back into breathable oxygen. Ideally we'd do something more realistic, where rooms are permanently damaged instead, but for now this is fine.

Fire increases the temperature in its room up to a max temperature (which is 150 degrees right now)

Fire slowly destroys the resources in room.

[Show Floor Scene]

Implemented show floor scene



- The build mode buttons are now text rather than images

- Changing the atmosphere of a corridor now changes the atmosphere off all connected corridors. It's just a quality of life improvement.

- Fixed a bug where elevator platform vertices weren't correctly copied.