16 Jan 2017 - 20 Jan 2017

[Water Pipes]

1.) Added water pipes. These are used for both clean and dirty water.

2.) Converted wires, pipes, and air vents into the prefabs that Victor created.


[Converted Jobs]

1.) Resource Mover


[Resource Crates]

1.) Floors now generate 4 crate positions automatically. I think that existing crate positions will be used instead of the generated positions, but I'm not sure. We also don't really need to manually create crate positions, because all floor tiles are the same size.



[Resource Producer]

1.) Infrastructure Input Objects now have ResourceSources and all grids now have Resource Pipes.

2.) This was incredibly tedious and slow going, but now that it's done my work should go much faster.



1.) Buildable objects now have a text field for interface name. It's displayed when the object is built.



- Fixed a bug where walls weren't properly readded to the TileGrid when they replaced existing walls.

- Fixed a bug where floors couldn't be built with a single mouse click if the last mouse click wasn't on a floor.

- Fixed a bug where hold and drag creation boxes (which is how floors are built) wouldn't refresh it's selection if it was reactivated at the same tile that it was deactivated.

- Btw, you can't replace the first floor that exists. This is because there are no adjacent floors to it. I'm probably not going to fix this, because there will never be a station that has only a single floor.