21 Aug 2017 - 25 Aug 2017

[Food Recycler]

1.) Added it.

2.) Implemented animations


[Colonist Spawner]

1.) Now uses a ResourceProducer for creating colonists. So it can require whatever resources we want.

2.) BioTank now requires biomass.



1.) Technically implemented it


[Nutrition Brick Creator]

1.) Added nutrition bricks

2.) Implemented nutrition brick machine


1.) Kitchen recipes will now correctly combine non-food resources when requesting additional resources (so 2 recipes that both need ore will combine their requests)

2.) Added Biomass resource

3.) FoodRequiredResources can now combine partial resources amounts (so 2 wheat and 3 potato will combine for a requirement of 5)

4.) ResourceStorageObjects now have a parameter for the resource being stored/retrieved

5.) CustomRequestTickets are now associated with an object. This is used when a BuildableObject is deleted.

6.) Added callback for "OnProductionFinishedCycle" to ResourceProducerObjects.

7.) Added "Usage rules" to access positions. These control where colonists go depending on what they're doing. Right now the rules are: pickup, dropoff, repair, and generic. (You'll no longer have to add AccessPositions to the list in BuildableObjects.)

8.) The MorgueIncinerator now uses an animation event for informing the script of when the burn animation is finished.

9.) ShowFloor scene now has a much closer zoom level

10.) ShowFloor colonists can be selected again.

11.) Colonists will now eat raw food when no FinishedDishCounters are available.


1.) Fixed a bug with PluralRequiredResources requesting the wrong amount of resources.

2.) Hybrid sprites are now correctly refreshed when CarryableObjects are given to colonists.

3.) Fixed a bug where local position on colonist used the original CarryableObject instead of the CarryableObject prefab