The Colonist Creator is Live!


The Colonist Creator has been released. You can access it here along with all the necessary instructions.

We wanted to finish up all of the hair styles and colors before we launched it. It's possible that we'll add more hair styles between now and the game's launch, but for now you have 14 to choose from.

The actual colonist creator is a WebGL app, so you can access it directly from your browser. WebGL doesn't work the best on mobile. 

If you have any issues, let us know (Discord is the best place to tell us).


Finalizing Surveys

We've updated BackerKit with the Create-a-Colonist survey question.
If you want to go directly to your survey questions, click here.

For all Chefs -- We've added the survey question for creating your recipes.
You can access the page with instructions here. There's also a link in your survey question.

For all Cheaters -- We'll be contacting you soon with your cheat to name.

Survey Deadline

We've set the survey deadline to August 5th. After this date, we'll lock down all the answers. 93% of you have already finished your survey. You other 7% know who you are.