Patch 0.0.12 - Doctor, Biomass Tank, Plant Fiber

Patch 0.0.12 is live!

We added the Doctor, Biomass and Fuel Tanks, and Plant Fiber.

I decided to make a video this time.


Patch Notes

New Stuff

- Colonists will now form memories when attacked and when attacking. When learning about the memory, colonists will adjust their relationship towards the attacker based on how much they like the defender. So they'll decrease their relationship towards anyone who beats up their friend.

- Colonists can see blood on floors and walls (and form memories).

- Colonists with the maniac perk will now always receive a morale boost when seeing a dead body, blood, and when being attacked.

- Colonists with the disgusting perk will no longer receive a morale penalty for sleeping on the floor or eating raw food.

- Added Doctor. The Doctor crafts medkits and medicine. Medicine is the "fuel" for medical beds and can be crafted at level 2. Medkits can be crafted at level 4 and heal 2 health instantly (they also remove bleeding).

- Added Medical Desk. It's used to craft doctor things. The doctor can study here once every 12 hours to acquire experience (the doctor also gets experience from crafting).

- Added Medical Bed. It must be stocked with medicine to work. It heals colonists slowly and instantly-ish removes bleeding.

- Added a Biomass grid, similar to the water grid. Added Biomass tank. You can hook up pipes to objects, like the biotank, and it will automatically be provided with biomass. For biomass creators, like the Food Recycler, excess biomass is converted into a crate. This allows you to stockpile excess, or convert excess into nutrition bricks (without hooking the recycler to the grid), or whatever else you want to do, it's your biomass. The same pipes are used for water and biomass.

- Added a fuel grid (it's the same as the biomass grid).

- Sinks can now be used to store biomass, water, and fuel into the grid. Apparently you just pour biomass down the drain and everything works out.

- Added plant fiber, it's a by-product from many crops. It's only used for creating biomass.

- Colonists will now randomly display a thought bubble every 60 to 300 seconds that shows their current morale level.

- Memories and visible objects can now add perks.

- Added animations for the workbench.

- Improved the medical desk model.

- Added new thought bubbles.

- Added new speech bubbles.

Bug/Minor Fixes

- Fixed a selection issue with the palette tool (it actually affected everything, but only the palette tool was noticeable).

- Duplicate perks are no longer shown in the UI (instead a little number count is displayed in the lower right corner)

- Adjusted how perk keys are handled internally, so that there's no chance of a key being re-used.

- Decreased sleep restored per tick from .5 to .17, so that a fully tired colonist will now sleep for 10 real minutes (previously it was 3 minutes).

- The UI infrastructure display now uses the agent system (with support for things like mouse-overs, tooltips, etc).

- Adjusted biotank animation so that it's more clear when a colonist can be harvested.

- Adjusted min and max clipping values for the camera.

- Fixed some edge case issues with the item queue, like issues when multiple colonists were delivering or picking up from the same object.

- Items that can't be delivered are now abandoned instead of destroyed.

- Memories now have a priority and other variables for discussion selection.

- Memories will now reset their "forget" timer if re-discovered. This would happen if a colonist sees the same dead body multiple times, for example.

- Fixed an issue with morale modifiers where a negative modifier would cause a matching positive modifier to have no cap (and vice versa).

- Visible objects can now have a unique cooldown before they can be seen again.