Alpha Patch 0.0.13 - Polish, Much Wow

Alpha patch 0.0.13 is live!

(It’s a little late because I got distracted doing a thing).

We focused on polishing and fixing bugs this week, so there’s not too much new.

Wall Painting

You can now hold and drag to paint walls. Selecting corners is still a bit weird.

Walls are now highlighted when painted, I’m not sure how I feel about it

Walls are now highlighted when painted, I’m not sure how I feel about it

Generic Delete

You can hold and drag with the generic delete tool now. If multiple objects are selected, only the highest priority objects will be deleted. The priority is: wires/pipes/ducts > objects > walls > floors.

A Thing

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I always name the station save file “SpaceStationX” where X is the current patch number. This patch save file is “SpaceStation13”.

So I recreated a small part of tgstation.

I’ve actually been planning this for a while. It’s why I didn’t release a patch 2 weeks ago, because I didn’t have time to do this.

I’m a bit disappointed with how it turned out. I maintained a 1 to 1 ratio with SS13 floors/walls, but Starmancer is meant for a much smaller station, so the recreation ended up gigantic.

In keeping with the source material, this map also has terrible performance

In keeping with the source material, this map also has terrible performance


I was planning on adding more objects, but things got a bit weird. The biotanks wouldn’t recognize that there was any biomass, there were destroyed rooms that refused to remove their oxygen notification, and the game would occasionally freeze up.

On the bright side, I now have much more incentive to stop breaking the old save files.

Here’s the original map.


I included the save file in the patch, so you can load it up and play. It will take around 60 seconds to load, but it should load…eventually. There’s no way to create colonists (but you shouldn’t play on that map anyway).

Patch Notes

New Stuff

- Implemented the capacity indicator to the generator (the 4 bars that fill up). The more bars that are filled up, the closer that the power grid is to being overloaded.
- Colonists will now walk in a straight line.
- Added a delete button to the save menu, so that you can delete your saves.
- You can now hold the left mouse down to paint multiple walls.
- Walls will now change to the mouse-over material when you paint them, I'm not sure how I feel about this and I'll probably remove it.
- You can hold and drag with the generic delete tool (the one you use by pressing the "delete" key on your keyboard). If you select multiple objects, only objects with the highest priority will be selected. So if you were to select a an entire room, only the objects in the room would be deleted (and not the floors or walls). You would have to hold and drag again to delete the walls, and once more to delete the floors. The order is wire/pipe/air duct > objects > walls > floors.

Bug Fixes / Minor Changes

- Balanced duration and morale impact of many memories
- Added new icons for medical desk, biomass tank, fuel tank, and dish drop-off
- Colonists will no longer attempt to start fighting with dead colonists.
- Chairs now restore 0.15 sleep per tick, toilets restore 0.13, and floors restore 0.1, beds still restore 0.17 sleep per tick.

Here are the hours:minutes required to restore 100 sleep (if a colonist's sleep need was completely empty when they started sleeping).

Bed: 9:48, Chair: 11:06, Toilet: 12:49, Floor: 16:40

- Abandoned crates are now lit.
- The biotank will now visually remove the growing colonist if production is stopped.
- Possibly I reduced some memory allocations in pathfinding. Possibly I broke everything.
- Fixed a bug where the expanded summary in the build menu would be partially visible if you closed the build menu while an object was selected.
- The generic delete cursor will now populate the build menu when activated by pressing the delete key.
- The build summary window will now default to closed every time the build window is opened.
- There will no longer be an extra object when you hold-and-drag build in a straight line (for wires, walls, etc).- Fixed a crash caused from forgetting certain second-hand memories.
- Fixed clipping issues with the big rugs.
- Increased the cooldown for saboteurs to sabotage objects
- Added thought bubble when the saboteur sabotages an object
- Tweaked some memory morale values that were too much
- Added neutral thought bubble (for when colonist morale is not great, but not terrible)
- Slightly reduced the rate at which hunger drains
- Increased the time it takes for a colonist to starve to death.
- Wall sides are now internally placed closer to the wall and are 2x1 instead of 2x2. Corners are still a bit weird, but they were weird before, so it's not my fault.
- Pathfinding routes are now recycled, which should greatly reduce the amount of memory allocated.
- Removed many unnecessary list copies.

So Long

We’ll be starting on the next milestone this week, but I’m leaning more towards missions than Starmancer Core or External Areas, because I think that missions will improve the gameplay the most.

Thanks for reading!