Next Milestone - Missions

We’re happy enough with Colonist+ and we’ve started implementing the next milestone, Missions.

The Alpha build is live, but missions are not finished yet, so play at your own risk.


Patch Notes

New Stuff

- Added new medical bed animations
- Added new animations for the Generator at full capacity.
- Added VFX for colonist being healed.
- Added VFX for colonist being drunk.
- Added UI headers for all recipes.
- Added new sprites for medkit and medicine.

- Added a basic mission system.
- Added a basic mission UI.
- Added a basic ship system.
- Solar system bodies now have unique names.
- Solar system bodies now contain items.
- Implemented a directive/order system for colonists. It's used to force them to board ships. Colonists need to have a postive morale in order to obey orders.

Bug Fixes / Minor Changes

- Splat receivers (floors and walls) will now only display 1 blood splat at a time, but I added an animator variable for increasing the splat size. This is a performance thing. When testing I spawn around 20 colonist and they all fight to the death. This was creating a lot of blood splats, and it couldn't possibly be good for performance.

- Floors can no longer be removed if a colonist is on them.
- Colonists can no longer be selected for deletion or painting.
- Trailing and leading white space can now be used in the xml files, exciting stuff.