25 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017

Once again, since we're working on the Kickstarter we'll have a bit less time for actual development.


1.) Floors will now leak atmosphere if there's an opening to space

1.) Implemented the chef outfit (I'm really not sure how there wasn't a specific chef outfit. I guess I never noticed.)

2.) The skybox now slowly rotates

3.) Implemented dialogue pop-up box.

4.) Factions now have random avatar portraits (these are supposed to be the faction "spokesperson"

5.) Added PaletteMeshAlphaCutoffShader.

6.) Implemented a camera pan mode.

7.) Floors can now use the PaletteChanger that walls use.

8.) Colonists will now walk in straight lines for as long as possible and they'll always try to walk on their right hand side (but they'll always always use the shortest route)

9.) Increased flow rate of gas and temperature in the atmosphere.