02 Oct 2017 - 27 Oct 2017

We were working on Kickstarter trailers, among other things, for the past 3 weeks.

That's mostly over now, so we'll be back to actually making Starmancer.

    1.) There are 3 types of lights: Ambient, Dynamic, Light.
    2.) Ambient lights are essentially just a tint. They color everything that they touch equally.
    3.) Dynamic lights are basically overhead lamps / spotlights. The further from the light source, the less that the light affects vertices
    4.) Room lights are ambient lights that can color an entire room at once (a room is a series of connected floors, and could be almost any shape.)
    5.) Added unlit sprite billboard material (for skybox and UI)
    6.) A light source will be created when doors are opened (and if both sides of the door have different lights acting on them.) This creates the illusion of light appearing from the open door.

    1.) Added acceleration to the Panning Camera
    2.) Added a shader for Hologram Objects (after being placed by the player, but before colonists start construction)
    3.) Added toggle for full screen game window. Go to tools > toggle full screen.
    4.) Implemented better animations for getting on/off ships.
    5.) Added a non-pirate helmet
    6.) Added dev mode commands for ignoring atmosphere (including atmosphere spreading and colonists requiring oxygen, heat, and cold)
    7.) Increased unit test performance by about 25%
    1.) SpritePalettes now change materials in the same way that every other script changes materials (this prevents the sprite palettes from incorrectly changing hologram materials after construction)
    2.) Animation material offset will now change the offset when the script is enabled (this fixed some issues with the construction animations)