18 Sep 2017 - 22 Sep 2017

Development will be a bit slow for the next few weeks, while we work on the Kickstarter, but it won't completely stop


    1.) DeleteWall and DeleteInfrastructure cursors are now forced step in 2x2.
    2.) Added security posters to build menu
    3.) Adjusted power levels of various machines
    4.) Resized cafeteria chairs to 85,85,85
    5.) Added "Comment" script. For all your GameObject commenting needs.
    6.) Implemented first pass of construction animations.
    1.) Fixed a bug where resource producer "lacking power" warning was not displayed on Machine_GameObjects that didn't require power
    2.) Fixed a bug where pirates would try to fight turrets (this sounds, epic, but the pirates thought that the turret was another colonist)
    3.) Added SceneValidation for Cursor transform.