30 Oct 2017 - 03 Nov 2017

1.) Disabled batching on door shader
2.) Door Wall Sides are now lit correctly when using ambient lights.

1.) Added a boolean toggle for shadows on lighted objects.

2.) If no shadow dimensions are specified, the dimensions will be based off of the object's model (no shadows can ever be bigger than the source model. The purpose is to be able to make the shadows smaller)

3.) The lighted object's material is automatically changed to the relevant shadow material in the object's Awake.

4.) Added a pivot offset to objects that have a non-zero pivot (like chairs, and sinks)

1.) Objects now have an Emission map. The higher that the emission value is, the more that the object will be self-lit.

2.) Added a float "emission intensity." Emission value equals emission map * intensity. So an intensity of 1.0 would be 100% of emission map. This is used to fade out self-lit objects.

1.) Visual Effect GameObjects will now use the same NullGameObject for MouseOver and MouseOverDelete gameobjects.