06 Nov 2017 - 10 Nov 2017

    1.) Room lights are now dynamically created as floors/walls are placed/removed
    2.) Improved lights that are created when doors are opened.
    3.) Improved performance of refreshing lights (specifically, the lights no longer find all near objects when only their color/intensity is changed)
    4.) Added scene validator for LightLookup script.
    5.) Wall objects are now lit properly
    6.) Wall objects that go through walls (vents) are now properly lit
    7.) Lights now dim when all colonists leave a room.
    8.) Lights turn off when all colonists in a room go to sleep.
    9.) RoomLight source is now a prefab, and has an animator
    1.) The scene validator will now select the gameobjects causing issues in the project view.
    2.) Emission values are now looked up in the lighting part of the shaders, so that it's consistent across all shaders.
    3.) Created a lit sprite shader (that isn't a palette)
    1.) Fixed a bug where dynamic light intensity would become negative after traveling through several objects.
    2.) Resource crates are now refreshed in lighting when placed.
    3.) Fixed a bug where sprite emission values weren't looked up correctly
    4.) Wall objects that go through objects are now added to both wall sides.
    5.) Fixed a bug where shadow dimensions weren't rotated when their parent objects were rotated