01 May 2017 - 05 May 2017


1.) Memories can optionally affect morale.

2.) Memories are what colonists talk about.




1.) Added min/max zoom to camera, and the near clipping planes will be adjusted as the camera zooms so that sprites don't clip through 3d objects. The zoom levels, and clipping are exposed on the MainCamera.

2.) Buildable objects will now use their constant position offset when being placed by a cursor, so objects like chairs will be in a consistent position when they're built.

3.) Placing doors will now change the walls next to them to be "door" paint type.

4.) Added cosmetic item button to the build menu.

5.) Added WallCosmetics and FloorCosmetics. Their sprites are randomized when placed. They'll replace any existing cosmetics (this makes it a bit easier to get the cosmetic that you want.)

6.) Added "Toggle Build Menu" button

7.) Increased size of scroll view in the build menu

8.) Added secondary states to Colonists. These are states that occur (almost) always while colonists are doing other things. Talking is a secondary state, for example. Colonists can talk while walking, working, or watching tv


1.) Fixed a bug where multiple warning icons of the same type wouldn't be correctly removed.

2.) Releasing the middle mouse button will now always stop the camera rotation.

3.) Fixed a bug where AdjacentObjectVisualRefreshers weren't refreshed when an object without an AdjacentObjectVisualRefresher was placed / removed

4.) Fixed a bug where AI states queued to the Any category wouldn't actually start if the current category queue was empty.