08 May 2017 - 12 May 2017


1.) Secondhand memories only apply a morale affect the first time that they're heard.

2.) Conversation distance is currently 8 tiles (4 floors)

3.) Added line-of-sight based conversations using floors. If atmosphere can flow then conversation can flow. So people could talk through vents, I guess. But they'd have to be standing next to them.




1.) Colonists have a random desire for each category. Forced desires are: Strong Want, Weak Want, Neutral, Neutral, Weak Dislike, Strong Dislike

2.) Current categories are: drugs, alcohol, weapons, sabotage, jewelry, medicine, book, ForeignMatter

3.) Items can belong to multiple categories, with a weight in each category. 

For example: 

Pills are a 5 in drugs and a 10 in medicine

Cigarettes are a 7 in drugs.

Space Rocks are a 10 in drugs.

A colonist that wants <drugs> will prioritize: space rock > cigarettes > pills

4.) ItemSpawner_GameObject

5.) ItemLookup_GameObject

6.) Items now have an "Item Type." This serves to distinguish between a generic item type and an instance of an object. So a fridge might spawn beer. "Beer" is a type. Each "instance" of beer is on object of type beer. I can take the instanced object out of the fridge and store in someplace. But I can't take the type "Beer." Well actually, I could, but I want to use an object / instance based storage for items, so that we can do cool things like hatching alien eggs.

7.) Colonists seek out items related to their desired categories. Distance matters, but so does proximity to desired weight.

8.) Added AI states that require specific items. If the colonist doesn't have the item it will look for it. Multiple items can be required, and the colonists will gather all of them. 2 items of the same won't work properly (so requiring 2 bottles of beer, for example.)

9.) Colonist desires now having resting values and "current" values. The current value will slowly move towards the resting value.

10. Items and charge.

11.) Colonists will attempt to satisfy their desires. They will first search for an item to use (unless they already have an item) and then they'll use the item. Using the item will decrease the desire of each individual category by whatever value the item has in that category.

- For example, beer has an alcohol value of 5, so any colonist using alcohol will have their alcohol desire reduced by 5.

12.) SatiateItemDesire state can now be forced to satiate a specific category. So you could queue a Satiate Alcohol State if a colonist has a high alcohol desire, and place that state into a high priority than routine desire satiation.




1.) Walls now create a collider automatically when their construction is complete

2.) The fridge is now a ResourceStorageObject