24 April 2017 - 28 April 2017

[Class Morale]

1.) Added the Skill "Class Level." I did this so that any place where we require a minimum skill we can also require a class level.

2.) Every tick (currently 1 game hour) colonist class level will increase by 2 if morale is at or above 75. Class level will decrease by 1 if morale is at or below 25.




1.) Added exercise machine and exercise as a free-time activity.

2.) Added tinker as a free-time activity.

3.) Added gardening as free-time activity.

4.) Added reading/studying as a free-time activity.

5.) Added playing in VR as a free-time activity.



1.) Added the three-way corner flip piece to the AdjacentObjectVisualRefresher

2.) Adjusted atmosphere flow so that objects can allow / not allow atmosphere to flow through a floor (used by vent objects.)

3.) Added bool "doesGoThroughWall" to WallObjects. If it goes through the wall then it will claim the opposite side of the wall (in addition to the current side.)

4.) Improved access floor positioning by associating access floors with a position. This allows multiple access positions on a single floor (unintended, but not inherently bad)

5.) Wall objects now have an access position for colonists.

6.) Added key to AdjacentObjectVisualRefresher, and also a "requires key." The key is a string. The match will be found regardless of tile type.

7.) Added default paint type to walls. This is the paint type that all of its sides will have when built.

8.) Jobs can now require different minimum morales in order for the colonists to perform them.


1.) Fixed a bug where four way two corner opposite piece wasn't deactivated