03 April 2017 - 14 April 2017


1.) I exposed AnchorObject in AdjacentObjectVisualRefresher script. If you give it a value it won't create a new one (but all components will still be parented to that GameObject...no matter what.)

2.) I re-enabled the tile-by-tile atmosphere flow.

3.) Added screenshot mode. Press Shift-S, L, or go to "Tools > Screenshot Mode"

4.) Adjusted the Skyline camera so that it moves as the player camera is rotated, and it will "loop" around forever.



1.) Fixed a bug where placing multiple external floors over an existing external floor would cause an error.

2.) Fixed a bug where mechanics would travel "into" machines when maintaining them. It was caused because the mechanic was performing the appropriate animation, and the target node was in the center of each object.