17 April 2017 - 21 April 2017

[Wall Objects]

1.) Implemented wall objects. They snap to one of the 4 wall sides. Press the rotate key to change the first tried wall side (this sounds more complicated than it is.)

2.) Walls can't be placed next to a wall that has a wall object on it.

3.) The UI isn't the best right now, but we'll overhaul the entire interface in the future.

4.) Wall objects can only be removed by deleting the wall that they're on.


[Wall Painting]

1.) Walls now have "FluxSide_GameObject" scripts that should be placed on the GameObjects that contain the mesh renderer for the individual wall pieces. The direction of the sides are automatically calculated based on the z rotation of the gameobject.

2.) Left = 0, Right = 180, Top = 90, Bottom = 270

3.) Press the "Paint Wall" button to open the paint menu



1.) Colonists now play walking animations when performing the action "GoStraightToVertex." This is a very specific case. 

2.) Adjusted atmosphere flow rate so that it's much better now. Specifically, only half of the difference between components can transfer in a tick (this is common sense, btw, if more than half the difference is transferred you would exceed the equilibrium--you'd be giving too much atmosphere to the destination tile.) This prevents 2 tiles from transferring their atmospheres back and forth forever.

3.) Placed the non-editable scripts from RequiredGameObjects into a child GameObject named "NonEditable Scripts"

4.) Displayed oxygen is now in percentage

5.) Temperature and oxygen in the UI are now rounded to 2 decimal places

6.) The oxygen machine will now only place up to 21% oxygen in a vent.

7.) Added maximum and minimum sprite scale variables to the Skybox. Also added the distance from the player station that the smallest sprite scale should use. Note: The sprites will currently overlap sometimes. Start the game with dev mode on and all of the Solar System Bodies will be discovered (and also added to the skyline.)

8.) Adjusted when the "CloseDoor Internally" is called in the close door animation.

9.) Walls no longer replace the gameobjects of other walls when created

10.) Doors now hide their floor and the adjacent walls.

11.) Adjusted render order of resources so that they don't disappear behind floors.



1.) Fixed a bug where multiple forwarded data with the same key in an AI state would incorrectly overwrite later forwarded data

2.) Nonpersistent meta-data is now actually changed when objects replace other objects (like when a floor overwrites an existing floor.)