27 March 2017 - 31 March 2017



1.) Faction's will send trade requests every faction tick (randomized for each faction) if the relationship with the player is above 75 (this is somewhat arbitrary.)

2.) The sell-to-faction price is ALWAYS lower than the buy-from-player price. A high buy price will always mean a high sell price, and vice-versa.

3.) The faction's desire influences the price of goods: if they desire a resource and don't produce it then the price is high. If they desire a resource and do produce then the price is low.

4.) The player's relationship with the faction will reduce the difference between buy and sell price by 1 percent for every 1 relationship point.

5.) Any crate-able resource can be traded.


1.) This is where the colonists will drop-off and pick-up resources for trading.

2.) Multiple types of these objects can exist. The player can change the input/output resources of the trade object to control which objects receive resources (I think the user can change it from the resource menu by clicking on the object.) The closest trading object is supposed to be used (so a trade-object next to an ore storage room will be used for all ore input.) The output trade-object, however, just uses the first object in the list of valid trade-objects. If no trade-objects can be found for buying / selling than the first one placed will be used.



1.) The global resource count will now only include resources added to TileInventories. So this removes resources from ships and factions (among other things.)

2.) Windows will now consistently have the correct scale.

3.) Objects must now be placed under floors.

4.) Adjusted position of resource crates so that their pivot remains consistent with the player.

5.) Finished Dish Counters (and fridges) are now powered objects. If they're powered then their atmosphere will be chilled (preventing food from spoiling.)


1.) Fixed a bug where colonist thought bubbles were displayed on colonists that had boarded a ship

2.) Infrastructure Objects are now visually refreshed when their construction is complete.

3.) Fixed a bug where removing InfrastructureObjects wouldn't refresh the grid of their parent floor (so the floor thought that there was still a wire on it.)

4.) Fixed a bug where placing multiple infrastructure objects at one time would cause an exception in AnimationMaterialOffset (it's because their gameobject was disabled.) I also set the material index, I don't know if that would also have fixed the issue