05 Jun 2017 - 09 Jun 2017

[Gun Range]

1.) Implemented some basic gun range animations.



1.) Added GunRange_GameObject

2.) Soldiers will train at a gun range once every 3 hours. This raises their soldier skill.



[Animation Changes]

1.) BodyAnimationGroups now have a pose type, and they are enabled / disabled by calling ColonistRenderer_GameObject.Event_ChangePoseTo(AnimationPoseType)

2.) Added position offsets to HybridSprites. They aren't exposed in the editor, but they exist internally.

3.) BodyAnimationGroups now have a "HeadOffset" variable. Every single HybridSprite in the head hierarchy will change its offsets to match this.

4.) BodyAnimationGroups now have a "CarrySlot" offset. It's supposed to adjust the HybridSprite offset of all gameobjects in the carry slot.

5.) The exact same state (at the same time) is played when outfits change now.




1.) Thought bubbles now have a local scale of .5,.5,.5 and a local position of 0,.34, 0

2.) Added a state that can refresh itself if any target gameobjects move. This is used for colonists walking up to other colonists, among other things.