29 May 2017 - 02 Jun 2017

[Use States]

1.) Implemented a basic use state for smoking cigarettes.

2.) Implemented a basic use state for drinking beer.

3.) Implemented a basic use state for reading a book.

4.) Added carryable objects for item types.

5.) Colonists will now place items into their carry slot when they are used.


1.) Added "Sub vertices" to pathfinding vertices so that special vertices can require multiple "normal vertices" to traverse.

2.) Adjusted the scale of the Object Window to 1,1,1. Because it was 2,2,2 and this causes issues with automatic text resizing.

3.) You can now paint an entire room by holding left-shift and clicking

4.) Doubled the real seconds per day.

5.) Toilets will now place hidden water pipes

6.) Added boolean to BuildableObjects, "ShouldHideFloor." If it's true then the object will use the forced step cursor (and it will hide the floor.)


1.) Morale adjustments with a 0 adjustment should no longer be added to the colonist window (this isn't really a bug.)

2.) Fixed a bug where increasing class level would cause morale adjustment reversions to reduce morale by too much.

3.) Fixed a bug where colonists would become trapped in toilets