12 Jun 2017 - 16 Jun 2017


1.) Implemented basic EMP


[Red Alert]

1.) Added Red Alert system

2.) Added red alert objects. They'll be told when the red alert status changes.


1.) Added turrets. Right now they'll shoot at anyone that comes near.

2.) Turrets need line of sight.

[Secondary Jobs]

1.) Implemented secondary jobs. Actually, colonists can have any number of jobs. The highest priority job is always tried first.

2.) Use the "Dev_AssignColonitsJob" to assign a secondary job right now.


1.) Added a BuildableObject Collider automatically to all BuilableObjects. This is used for raycasting and line of sight

2.) Exposed the spawn duration of colonists in the ColonistSpawner script (used by the BioTank.)

3.) Doors are now breakable objects, but they don't really do anything right now.

4.) Adjusted carry slot offset of carry pose from 0,0,0 to 0, -.08, 0

5.) Colonists will now socialize if their jobs can't be performed.


1.) Fixed a bug where generators weren't removed from power grid when they broke.

2.) Secondary animations are now correctly restored when job outfits are changed.

3.) Fixed a bug where coroutines weren't stopped on removed grids.