06 March 2017 - 17 March 2017


1.) Missions are now loaded from files into Unity

2.) Missions now have stats (and the Mission Editor allows stats now.) The stats are shared by missions, ships, and colonists. So this means that colonists technically have a HullDurability stat...maybe good for homosexuals?

3.) Cargo space needed for missions is automatically calculated based on the resources required and the loot produced (the larger of the 2 is used.)

4.) Here is how missions work:

a.) Ships are given missions, when ships are given missions the ships request food and fuel

b.) Missions are "performed" when the player presses the "confirm" button. When this happens the missions automatically distribute the required resources across all ships so that each ship is filled before any resources are given to the next ship.

5.) Ships will always fly away and return to the exact same hangar (because I don't want to implement a UI area for requesting a docking pad right now)

6.) For every required level not met the chance of success drops by deficit^2 * 3

7.) If the fail chance less than 0% it will fallback to .5% (The values were balanced around level 10 being a very high level stat.)

9.) The player can now create mining, exploration, diplomatic, and salvage missions, but they don't really do anything yet (once I implement the solar system things I'll improve the created missions.)

10.) Missions at undiscovered locations will cause that location to become discovered (because some person is sending out the coordinates of where to go.)

11.) The player can now create mining missions and salvage missions. Stations can't be mined, and only stations can be salvaged.

[Mission Window]

1.) My goal was to make it functional--not pretty (I added a mission button to the screen.)

2.) The player can add multiple ships to a mission, but they can't assign extra colonists to each ship (because I ran out of time.)

3.) Ships are BuildableObjects so they have "nameInInterface" and "InterfaceSprite" variables.


1.) Added credits as a resource. It's globally stored, but behaves exactly like a resource, so you can add it wherever you find resources (as created, required, build cost, etc.)




1.) You can change the selected ship by purchasing a new one with credits, but there's not much error checking for it. So you could change a ship while it's on a mission, and all the colonists inside will be trapped forever.

2.) The old ship is sold for half the credit cost.

3.) The hangar hides the visual component of all floors beneath it.


[Solar System Generation]

1.) Rocky, Gas Giants, Asteroids, Moons, and Stations are now spawned. All of the spawn data is stored in "Constants/solarSystemStats.csv"

2.) The spawn data is: Min spawn, Max spawn, distance from star min/max, names, and descriptions.

3.) Moons spawn at rocky and gas giants (but this is also controlled in the external file.) The global position of the moon is centered around the parent body, rather than the sun.

4.) Names of bodies can never be re-used.

5.) Bodies now have sprites that are randomly selected. These can be re-used.

6.) Added radar dish. It has a .1% chance of discovering a solar system body every tick (when powered.)

7.) Solar system bodies now have resources