20 March 2017 - 24 March 2017

[Solar System]

1.) Added some names for every single solar system body type. Gas Giants are roman gods. Rocky planets are greek gods. Moons are minor roman deities. Stations are mythological places.




1.) Factions are now generated when the scene starts.

2.) There can be "forced" factions that are always present (like forcing a pirate faction or merchant faction to always be present.)

3.) Faction relationships are in the range 0 to 100.

4.) Factions will claim one (and only one) station when they spawn.

5.) Added a message system. There's a button on the screen now that opens a window that displays all messages.

6.) Missions now have a 75% of being assigned to a faction when started. Failing / Succeeding the mission will affect the player's relationship with the faction.




1.) The scene validator will work again...so use it.

2.) Added ResourceObjects, which can be added to any inventory for persistent object storage (this will be used by cosmetic items so that the same cosmetic item can be stored and retrieved.) It could also be used so that a colonist could store an apple in their inventory and it would continue to rot, I guess.

3.) Salvage missions can now only be performed at stations without an owning faction.