15 May 2017 - 19 May 2017

[Inventory UI]

1.) Added a tab for colonist inventory in the Colonist window


1.) Added social need.




1.) Reduced base energy usage from 1000 to 300. Nutrition now ticks 3 times a day rather than once a day. This is to facilitate eating 3 times a day (or something like that.)

2.) Nutrition now takes up 2 hours rather than just 1 hour. This gives the colonists more time to travel throughout the station.

3.) Kitchen chairs can no longer be walked through.

4.) Queuing an object for deletion if it's already being deleted will cancel the deletion.

5.) Made some tweaks to pathfinding and collisions

6.) Implemented the BioTank a bit. It will spawn a colonist once every 24 hours, while it's powered. Every tick it will generate "part" of the colonist. Once it generates 100 "parts" it will create a colonist.


1.) Dead colonists are now parented to their carriers. This fixed a bug where doors wouldn't close if a colonist died while walking through a door.

2.) Fixed a bug where having credits would prevent deconstruction.

3.) The perform job state is now requeued with a 30 minute (in gametime) delay. This prevents a colonist from repeatedly queueing a job state.

4.) Colonists will now stop visually walking when they have to wait for another colonist.

5.) Fixed a bug where colonists wouldn't refresh their PathfindingVertex while on a route. This caused issues if a door was deleted or placed while a colonist was traveling on a route.

6.) Colonists now raycast to prevent walking into other colonists. This fixed some random edge cases. But it will add some issues too.

7.) Fixed a bug where the food and crop databases weren't actually being loaded in game.

8.) Fixed a bug where rotated objects were added to the wrong parent floors.

9.) Colonists should now pickup food more consistently now.

10.) Adjusted food dish locations on the cafeteria chairs.

11.) Negative temperature can now flow.

12.) Adjusted access position of cafeteria chair so that colonists no longer walk through the floor to sit on it.

13.) Added a boolean for HiddenResourceInventories so that they never automatically request resource offloads. This is used for the ship when it generates resources on missions

14.) Fixed a bug where broken object icon pop-ups weren't removed when the owning object was removed.

15.) Fixed a crash that occurred when placing build resources into an object that has a resource storage animation (like a locker)

16.) Fixed a bug where turning a generator offline wouldn't remove it from the power grid.