13 Feb 2017 - 17 Feb 2017


1.) Colonists will no longer walk away from and back towards their current object when trying to go to the same object.



1.) Removed canvas from each object, and construction cost gameobjects are now destroyed when construction is finished (this improved performance.)

2.) Objects can now have multiple access positions. Colonists will travel to the closest one. Colonists also now travel directly to access positions (so they can get a bit closer to objects now.)

3.) Added access positions to most objects.

4.) Changed pivot position of all resource sprites to center

5.) Implemented all of the animations.

6.) Colonists now have a 30 minute cooldown for interacting with the same colonists.

7.) Crates can now be parented to objects. This is nice for things like the morgue drawer.

8.) Added interface for ResourceStorageObject. It has a callback and a delay for colonists when picking up / dropping off resources.

9.) Added Build costs for all objects. Use dev mode to add and delete objects instantly.

10.) Foundation walls / floors will no longer replace existing floors and walls.

11.) Colonists can no longer sleep on unwalkable floors (so in objects and walls.)

12.) Increased thirst restored from drinking water from 1 per water to 10 per water.



1.) Fixed a bug where AnimationMaterialOffset script wouldn't locate the correct material when an object was placed by the player.

2.) Colonists will now drop their carried objects when eating at a floor.