20 Feb 2017 - 24 Feb 2017

[Infrastructure UI]

1.) All connective infrastructure objects now have a variable for "Visual Component" that GameObject is enabled / disabled to show and hide the object visually. This was required so that things like animators aren't disabled.

2.) Wires now have an animator variable "hasPower" for when the grid has power.

3.) Airducts now have an animator variable "isLackingOxygen" for when there isn't enough oxygen in the grid.

    4.) Water pipes now have an animator variable "hasCleanWater" and "hasDirtyWater" for whenever there's water in the grid




1.) Added sleepingPosition (it's a gameoject to beds.) This is where colonists go when sleeping. The colonist rotation will be set to the z rotation of the object.

2.) Colonists now visually sleep in beds.

3.) Added SeatedObject_GameObject to standardize when colonists are placed on objects (like beds, toilets, chairs.) All objects deriving from this will have a "seated position" gameobject that can be put where-ever. And colonist rotation will be set to the Y rotation of the object (actually it will be set to -yRotation - 90)

4.) Added position offset to the Automatic sorting order script so that objects can easily render behind other objects (like a chair rendering behind a colonist)

5.) Adjusted position of cafeteria chair so that colonists will now visually sit at them.

6.) The death animation is now played when colonists die, but it's not positioned properly yet.

7.) Mechanics will play the kneeling animation when maintaining and repairing objects (there's also the manual animations on all breakable objects that we can use to play whatever we want.)

8.) The pivot positions of some objects will need to be adjusted. Specifically the toilet, (maybe the chair), and bed. So that the colonists don't visually move when the camera is panned around (not rotated, just moved)

9.) You can now toggle animations in the ShowFloor scene. If you press an animation button, and then press another other, the first button will think that it's still on, so you'll have to press it twice.




1.) Resized colonists from 75,75,75 to 85,85,85.

2.) Added a Custom Property Drawer for sprites, so that there's now a preview image displayed for Hybrid Sprites

3.) Floors can now be built without being connected to other floors.

4.) Improved some resource transfer ticket things (that I had forgotten to reimplement)

A.) Resource transfer tickets are now refreshed every time a new object is built.

B.) Colonists can no longer accept resource transfer tickets if they can't travel to them.

5.) Added build grid back.

6.) Colonist states are now automatically requeued upon fail after a certain delay (if they're supposed to be requeued.) This standardizes the process and should prevent instances of colonists repeating the same failing state over and over again.

7.) Colonists are now required to replace an existing floor with something new. I tried doing this with walls, but I'm not sure how to handle travelling to corner pieces (actually I just don't feel like adjusting the pathfinding right now.) So I'll put it on the bucket list.

8.) Added access positions to the bed so that only 1 tile of the bed needs to be exposed to an empty tile.

9.) Showfloor colonists will now automatically change their scale to match the scale of the actual colonist prefab

10.) Adjusted positions of all carryable objects.


1.) Colonists will no longer refresh their interactions with other colonists when they're dead.

2.) Fixed a bug where body bags weren't assigned a colonist when a colonist abandoned them, this caused colonists to see dead colonists long after they were incinerated.

3.) Colonists now remove all vertices in their current floor that aren't between their current position and the next floor (so colonists should be able to walk to doors appropriately when colonists stop at a floor with a door.)

4.) Objects can no longer be selected if any TileCursors are active (which would be building, deleting, etc.)

5.) The build cost of the Refinery wasn't being delivered because the max resource in the refinery's meta data was 100. So I changed the default max resource of all objects to 10,000 (this won't affect existing objects.)

6.) Fixed a bug where objects didn't calculate their parent floors until construction was complete, which would cause a null reference exception when delivering build costs.

7.) You can delete objects under construction instantly now (once all the construction cost resources are offloaded.)

8.) Fixed a bug where AI states didn't call "OnStateFinished" when they started as actions.