30 Jan 2017 - 10 Feb 2017

[Things I dropped]

1.) Objects being placed directly on walls

2.) Objects having multiple access positions.

3.) Colonists drinking water (separate from drinking during meals.) I felt that it adds little value, because colonists can already survive, with no adverse affects, from meal water.


[Object Deletion]

1.) I mostly just copied everything from rooms. So objects remove themselves from resource input lookups when marked for deletion; deletion can be cancelled; all resources must be offloaded, etc


[Objects Turned On / Off]

1.) Objects can now be turned on / off. The behaviour is the same as it was for rooms.


[Object Selection]

1.) Added script named "Buildable Object Selection." (I'm welcome to a name change.) It automatically creates an appropriately sized collider at run-time. There's a drop-down for selection ranking. Maybe I'll change this so that the ranking is automatically assigned (ranking is used to determine which object to select when the cursor is over multiple objects.)

2.) Objects now use the room windows. Some of the window elements are now useless.

3.) Added notifications back.


[Status Modifiers]

1.) These should now be mostly converted

2.) Resource producers now have a status modifier record that you can fill out however you want I suppose.

3.) Heat is now generated by Machines (Machine_GameObject) rather than resource producers.


[Colonist Interactions]

1.) Colonists now "interact" with colonists that are in any adjacent floor (including corners.)




1.) Colonists now walk on the right hand side of floors.

2.) Colonists can no longer walk through each other. They check if any colonists are currently walking to their own target vertex or if any colonists are within 2 units of the colonist's target vertex



1.) Colonists now slowly rotate when walking rather than instantly. 720 degrees per second right now.

2.) Improved hold and drag performance of foundation box creation (which includes all hold and drag creation.)

3.) Fixed a bug where cancelling build mode while the cursor was rotating would break things.

4.) Hidden vents/wires/pipes will no longer be placed if there is an existing infrastructure object.

5.) Removed many many room tests


[Colonists place objects]

1.) When placed, objects request their build cost. A hologram is displayed, like before.

2.) I also added build costs back.


1.) Added medical beds and medical desk

2.) The doctor behaves a bit differently now: Doctors study at medical desks, this raises their medical skill. Sick colonists go to sleep in medical beds, regardless of the existence of a doctor (they'll still sleep in non-medical beds if none are available, preferring their own bed.) Doctors will cure bed-ridden colonists. When no doctor exists the colonists will lay in bed until healed (this will need some balancing, so that colonists don't lay in bed and starve.)

3.) Bed-ridden colonists will be cured from diseases at 4 times faster rates while sleeping in medical beds.


1.) Implemented morgue incinerator and the dead body locker.

[Breakable Objects]

1.) Converted breakable objects. Fire should work again.

[Storage Shelf]

1.) Added storage shelf

[Tile Grid Size]

1.) I halved the size of the tile grid so that objects can now be placed on half floors. Floors, walls, and infrastructure objects are restricted to "floor grid" placement. Infrastructure objects are visually weird if you place a powered object on a half floor, but they 100% work. They look weird because there's a half floor gap, but they still connect


1.) Converted some things with floors, so that they now check if any of the objects on themselves aren't walkable, so that now walls are considered to be objects and aren't checked separately.

2.) Colonists can now walk to tiles that are blocked, if it's their target tile. Colonists can also leave their current tile if it's not walkable.

3.) Angles in colonist animations are now adjusted by parent object's rotation.