22 May 2017 - 26 May 2017

[Security Checkpoint]

1.) Started security checkpoint. Right now it blocks colonists from walking through in one direction. It also blocks movement if it's not currently on (so broken or not powered)

2.) Implemented a basic UI for the security checkpoint.



1.) Colonist memories now have a weight. When weight reaches 0 the memory is forgotten.

2.) Talking about a memory will reduce its weight by 50 (or some value like that)

3.) Colonists now have a 25% chance of talking about something generic, rather than an actual memory. These "generic" topics aren't remember as secondhand memories.

4.) The first thing that colonists say in a conversation will now be some sort of generic response.

5.) Colonists now gain 1 social need whenever they say something (including reactions)

6.) Added a max count to colonist conversations (max of 5 right now)

6.) Colonists now have a random chance to not respond to conversations.

7.) Colonists now respond when the animation event is called on the despawn of the talker. This helps to sync the response.



1.) Added couches. They are chairs that can have multiple seated positions. For best results you should use an access position that is in the center of the couch.

2.) Target vertex of colonists is now cleared when they sit in a chair. This allows multiple colonists to walk to the same couch.

3.) SeatableObjects (chairs, couchs, etc) now have a "SeatablePosition" instead of just a boring GameObject. The seated position controls where the colonist is positioned as the game is rotated

4.) Adjusted FOV from 40 to 20. This prevents some sprite relative positions with 3d models.

5.) Adjusted sleep positions of the beds. I think that I got all of them


1.) Fixed a bug where colonists couldn't walk past dead colonists.

2.) Fixed a bug where relative sorting order would underflow. And also fixed a bug where it would overflow

3.) Adjusted raycasting of selectable objects so that their distance is based on the height of the camera (before it was a constant distance of 1000)

4.) Morale adjustments with a 0 adjustment should no longer be added to the colonist window (this isn't really a bug.)

5.) Fixed a bug where increasing class level would cause morale adjustment reversions to reduce morale by too much.