23 Jan 2017 - 27 Jan 2017


1.) Converted Need Oxygen to tile based.

2.) Toilets are now tile based.

3.) Colonists will once again be subjected to the temperature of rooms



1.) Converted beds to use the tile system.

2.) Colonists should now sleep at a random floor within 30 tiles of their current position when they don't have a bed.




1.) There are now Crop Spots and Crop DropOffs.

2.) Farmers perform actions with this priority: Harvest > Tend Existing > Plant New

3.) Farmers look for the closest node, and something like 10 units away will default to being considered close

4.) Crop spots require piped water.


1.) Fridges request resources.

2.) Counters are used to prepare food

3.) Ovens are used to cook food

4.) Food drop offs are used to place cooked dishes (and are picked up by eaters)

5.) The chef should only start working if a fridge is completely valid (has powered oven, food drop-off space, food counter, and the fridge is stocked). I'm not sure if I should have put this off, because it technically only adds benefit to a player that messes up. So it's sort of a waste of time when our focus should be on making the game dev log ready.

6.) Also. The chef won't start the job until all of the required objects are within 20 tiles of the fridge, but the actual chef state doesn't have a maximum distance restriction. This should rarely be an issue, but it could be an issue if the player deletes an oven while the chef is in the middle of cooking something.

7.) The food drop-off will need the resource locations to be added.


1.) Colonists will look for a food pickup that meets the following criteria: Has Chair > Has Table > Has Food 

2.) Chairs have the food slot data, not tables. This data will need to be created for the chairs.

3.) Colonists can eat standing up. If this is the case then they'll just look for a random tile to eat at.


1.) Objects can now be placed in the scene before the game starts. It's your responsibility to position them properly

2.) Colonists now rotate towards the target object when they arrive at their destination. This could potentially cause incorrect rotations if an object was really really big, because the object's center position is rotated towards.

3.) Implemented a class for finding and caching objects of specific within range of a buildableObject. It's refreshed every time any object is added or removed.

4.) Added tables and chairs. Chairs are added to adjacent tables. Specifically the chair is added only to the table that is in its front facing direction, which is determined based off of a gameobject that is dragged and dropped.


1.) Fixed a bug where the urinate need was using the values of the thirst need.

2.) Colonists will now visually drop objects when another object is placed in their carry slot