11 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017

    1.) Floors can be removed even if adjacent floors would become disconnected from the colony now
    2.) Removed other types of walls from the build menu (since you can change the default wall through painting)
    3.) Lockers can now be placed flush against walls
    4.) You can now delete cosmetic objects.
    5.) FluxWall sides now have a parameter for the position of cosmetic objects (this fixed an issue with off-centered paintings on certain wall types)
    6.) Floor blood splatters will now spawn in a circle around the colonist.

    1.) Fixed a bug where 1x1 objects weren't using the correct calculated floor when on the left side of a floor.
    2.) Fixed a bug where foundation walls weren't using the Red Alert system. Added SceneValidator for walls having BuildableWallAnchors to prevent the issue in the future.
    3.) Fixed a bug where colonists would get stuck in toilets
    4.) Fixed a bug where ForcedPaletteObjects didn't work on floors.

04 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017

[Drinking Fountains]
    1.) Added drinking fountains
    2.) Colonists will queue the "FindWater" state once thirst is at 75
    3.) Drinking fountains are only valid if they have access to clean water in the pipe.

[Aquatic Crop Spots]
    1.) These are regular Crop Spots, but they have a variable for "amountOfWaterNeededInTank"
    2.) Water is requested from the clean water grid when powered.
    3.) Water is returned to the grid when object is turned off (as dirty water.)
    4.) Crop spot is not tendable or plantable until enough water has been stored.

[Farm Spots]
    1.) Farm spots now require power (they can't be planted or tended while lacking power, but they can be harvested)
    2.) Implemented power animations
    1.) Adjusted position of food on FinishedDishCounter
    2.) Reduced min clipping plane in MainCamera from 5 to 2
    3.) Informed the world about the changelog on the website
    4.) A thought is now displayed every time that a colonist is damaged
    5.) Colonists are now damaged from the cold/heat every 20 minutes (used to be every 60 minutes)
    6.) Removed stale food tier
    7.) Water Storage Objects must be powered before they are added to grid.
    8.) Water storage objects will now be removed from the grid when unpowered.
    9.) All powered objects will now set the animator boolean "isPowered" to true/false when they gain/lose power (some objects used to do this on a case-by-case basis, but now they all do it.)
    10.) Added a class for setting animator booleans in BuildableObjects, this helps for the tests (when there's never an animator.) 
    11.) Powered Objects will now start/stop requesting power when they're turned online/offline (before an offline object would continue to use power.)
    12.) Warning popups are now removed when an object is turned offline. This removes the visual clutter from an object that you don't care about.
    13.) WaterStorageObjects are now removed from the grid when turned offline.
    14.) Adjusted ComplexBooleans so that they can use BooleanReferences, which can include a callback for easily changing the boolean value (this is used in determining if atmosphere can flow.)
    15.) Atmosphere will now flow through doors when colonists walk through them.
    16.) Water pipes will now be automatically added/removed if objects use water/dirty water as a piped resource.
    17.) Colonists will now always take a side dish and entree

    1.) Fixed a bug where all thoughts were displayed as "Made enemy" thought.
    2.) Resource Piped Input will no longer display a warning if an objects internal storage + the available piped resource meets or exceeds the amount required (before an object would display a warning even if it no longer needed the piped resource)
    3.) InfrastructureConnectingObjects (wires, vents, pipes) will no longer affect floor atmosphere flow at all. This fixed a bug where atmosphere would flow through doors.
    4.) Abandoned crates are now positioned 4 units above the colonist's position. This fixed an issue where abandoned crates were clipping through floors slightly.

28 Aug 2017 - 01 Sep 2017

1.) Added raw fish and cooked fish
2.) Implemented fish farms

1.) Added white mushrooms (and all tiers)
2.) Added brown mushrooms (and all tiers)
3.) Mushroom farms actually produce mushrooms now

1.) Added pipedOutput and pipedInput to object meta data. Warnings will automatically be displayed if the object doesn't have access to the appropriate amount of piped resource.

1.) Fixed a bug where infrastructure input and output objects were not being re-added to grids when infrastructure connecting objects were removed (this took a long time, and now I feel empty inside.)

2.) Fixed a bug where hidden water pipes weren't removed.

3.) Fixed a bug where power requests of 0 were not being powered if a grid was overloaded

21 Aug 2017 - 25 Aug 2017

[Food Recycler]

1.) Added it.

2.) Implemented animations


[Colonist Spawner]

1.) Now uses a ResourceProducer for creating colonists. So it can require whatever resources we want.

2.) BioTank now requires biomass.



1.) Technically implemented it


[Nutrition Brick Creator]

1.) Added nutrition bricks

2.) Implemented nutrition brick machine


1.) Kitchen recipes will now correctly combine non-food resources when requesting additional resources (so 2 recipes that both need ore will combine their requests)

2.) Added Biomass resource

3.) FoodRequiredResources can now combine partial resources amounts (so 2 wheat and 3 potato will combine for a requirement of 5)

4.) ResourceStorageObjects now have a parameter for the resource being stored/retrieved

5.) CustomRequestTickets are now associated with an object. This is used when a BuildableObject is deleted.

6.) Added callback for "OnProductionFinishedCycle" to ResourceProducerObjects.

7.) Added "Usage rules" to access positions. These control where colonists go depending on what they're doing. Right now the rules are: pickup, dropoff, repair, and generic. (You'll no longer have to add AccessPositions to the list in BuildableObjects.)

8.) The MorgueIncinerator now uses an animation event for informing the script of when the burn animation is finished.

9.) ShowFloor scene now has a much closer zoom level

10.) ShowFloor colonists can be selected again.

11.) Colonists will now eat raw food when no FinishedDishCounters are available.


1.) Fixed a bug with PluralRequiredResources requesting the wrong amount of resources.

2.) Hybrid sprites are now correctly refreshed when CarryableObjects are given to colonists.

3.) Fixed a bug where local position on colonist used the original CarryableObject instead of the CarryableObject prefab

14 Aug 2017 - 18 Aug 2017


1.) Crops can now be reharvested multiple times (like tomatoes)

2.) Crop Spots now change their RequiredResources when crops are changed.

3.) Required Resources for crops are now stored in files.

4.) Required resources are now restocked only when crops are harvested (finally harvested, as opposed to a reharvest)

5.) Crops can now create additional loot.




1.) Converted the SubrecordDatabaseLoader into an XML file loader

2.) Resource offload requests of 0 amount are now ignored

3.) All database files are now loaded from file (they used to be loaded as text assets in unity, but these can't be edited once the game is built)



1.) Fixed a bug where food dishes would retain the hybrid sprite offsets from when they were on colonists.

24 Jul 2017 - 28 Jul 2017

[Furniture Palette]

1.) Added script called "PaletteObject_GameObject" attach it the any GameObject and it will automatically change its palette when the parent BuildableObject is constructed.

2.) "PaletteObjects" have an "orderOfPalette" variable. This controls which index is used in nonPersistentMetaData.allPaletteIndicies.

3.) Renamed "allPaletteIndicies_InOrder" to "allPaletteSlots"

4.) Added "GeneratedPalettes" for when you want to have multiple colorable areas within a single texture (like with the colonist heads.)


1.) Colonist heads now store their skin palettes

2.) Colonist heads are now rendered like the bodies, with animation events.

3.) Added Helmets. They replace the head temporarily.

[State Improvements]

1.) Added "Ad-Hoc" State categories. These can be changed to at any time, and any queued states will be cleared when the adhoc category is finished. So an ad-hoc category for being "scared"

2.) Pirates will now cause all nearby (with LOS) colonists to enter the FightOrFlight state, if they aren't already in the Scared Category.

3.) Colonists will now stop fleeing if the aggressor becomes null.


[Palette Improvements]

1.) All GeneratedPalettes must now have a "PaletteType" on them (both in the script that creates the palette and the script that uses the generated palette.)


1.) Added emergency beacon to the BuildObjects.

2.) Added a boolean, "shouldHotKeyWorkWhileDisabled" to buttons. If set to true then you can press the hotkey if the button is not currently enabled.

3.) The scene validator will now run every time you press play. This can be disabled by going to tools > disable automatic validation

4.) HybridSprite sides are now refreshed in the same frame that their offsets are changed. This fixed an issue where the head would move a frame after the body.

5.) Showfloor scene now automatically removes any ColonistSpawner scripts at runtime.

03 Jul 2017 - 21 Jul 2017


1.) Added knowledge for colonists.

2.) Colonists can "know" things, such as the position of another colonist.

3.) This is used for combat. Colonists don't always magically know the position of their target.



[Search For Target State]



[Pirate Spawner]

1.) Dropships will no longer spawn near each other.

2.) Pirates will now start as enemies with existing colonists.

3.) Pirates will now start as friends with other pirates.

4.) Added "Hacking Device." Pirates need a hacking device in order to hack doors. 

5.) Pirates now return to their ship when all colonists are dead.

6.) If all pirates are killed then the ship will leave without them

7.) Pirates will leave after about 12 game hours. They will also leave if they can't reach the remaining colonists.

8.) Pirates will now spawn with the position of the "colonistSpawnPosition" gameobject on the dropship

[Combat State]

1.) Fixed a bug where cover positions not on a parent floor would cause a crash.

2.) Colonists must now be within a 90 degree (+- ~5) angle to their targets.





1.) Colonists can now "exclaim" things. This will prevent conversations for a bit.


[Fight or Flight]





1.) Added "NeverVisuallyMove" script for GameObjects that should not be visually moved. This is used for the Access Positions of walls

2.) Increased delay between topics in conversations.

3.) Moved "canBeWalkedThrough" to nonPersistentMetaData.canBeWalkedThrough." This might cause some weird issues.

4.) Colonists will no longer rotates toward a position that they're already at (this would happen occasionally, and would make colonists seemingly rotate in circles.)

5.) Sorting order of HybridSprites will now be updated constantly, rather than only when the angles change.

6.) Doors no longer block line of sight if colonists can walk through them.

7.) Colonist thinker will now stop all coroutines whenever a state finishes

8.) Adjusted colonist animator so that heads aren't shown when colonists first spawn. It's a default animation.

9.) Added a transition from default to walking in colonist animator.

10.) AI_Actions no longer require a frame delay between them.

11.) SUPER IMPORTANT: Added "RenderedObjectParent" to colonist renderer. All gameobjects that are visually displayed should be childed here.


1.) Fixed a bug where objects existing on scene start wouldn't find the proper floor if they had been rotated.

26 Jun 2017 - 30 Jun 2017


1.) Pirates will now spawn "Spawn Nodes" at any external wall with a 3x3 empty space. A wall is considered external if it has a floor on one side and no floors or walls within a 3x3 space on one side.

2.) Added "isArmored" to WallMetaData. Armored walls are not considered valid spawn spots for pirate nodes

3.) Pirates spawn with a gun

4.) Pirates spawn at SpawningNode. Between Min and Max pirates are spawned.






1.) Fixed a bug where vertices that matched Z positions were not trimmed from beginning of routes correctly