13 Nov 2017 - 17 Nov 2017


1.) All BuildableObjects are now added to their room light source when created.
2.) Floors are now correctly refreshed when they're replaced with another floor (and when their tile pieces are changed)
3.) Doors are now lit correctly once placed (there was an issue with the automatic door rotation)
4.) Room lights are now RedAlertObjects (and the animations are called when appropriate)
5.) Dynamic Rooms are now only created/changed for the relevant rooms (so a room far away won't be affected at all)
6.) Lights now transition when rooms are merged (which happens when you delete a wall)



1.) Added a script for changing multiple palette indices at the same time.
2.) Added a script for changing multiple material offsets at the same time.
3.) AnimationMaterialOffset now has 2 animation events: Start and Stop. The material offset will constantly refresh between these events (much less performance intensive)
4.) Removed "MaterialToUse" in AnimationMaterialOffset. The material index will now always be used.

1.) Fixed a bug where corner wall pieces were not correctly added to DynamicRooms when there was a 1x1 floor in a room.
2.) Walls will now be self-lit before being placed.

06 Nov 2017 - 10 Nov 2017

    1.) Room lights are now dynamically created as floors/walls are placed/removed
    2.) Improved lights that are created when doors are opened.
    3.) Improved performance of refreshing lights (specifically, the lights no longer find all near objects when only their color/intensity is changed)
    4.) Added scene validator for LightLookup script.
    5.) Wall objects are now lit properly
    6.) Wall objects that go through walls (vents) are now properly lit
    7.) Lights now dim when all colonists leave a room.
    8.) Lights turn off when all colonists in a room go to sleep.
    9.) RoomLight source is now a prefab, and has an animator
    1.) The scene validator will now select the gameobjects causing issues in the project view.
    2.) Emission values are now looked up in the lighting part of the shaders, so that it's consistent across all shaders.
    3.) Created a lit sprite shader (that isn't a palette)
    1.) Fixed a bug where dynamic light intensity would become negative after traveling through several objects.
    2.) Resource crates are now refreshed in lighting when placed.
    3.) Fixed a bug where sprite emission values weren't looked up correctly
    4.) Wall objects that go through objects are now added to both wall sides.
    5.) Fixed a bug where shadow dimensions weren't rotated when their parent objects were rotated

30 Oct 2017 - 03 Nov 2017

1.) Disabled batching on door shader
2.) Door Wall Sides are now lit correctly when using ambient lights.

1.) Added a boolean toggle for shadows on lighted objects.

2.) If no shadow dimensions are specified, the dimensions will be based off of the object's model (no shadows can ever be bigger than the source model. The purpose is to be able to make the shadows smaller)

3.) The lighted object's material is automatically changed to the relevant shadow material in the object's Awake.

4.) Added a pivot offset to objects that have a non-zero pivot (like chairs, and sinks)

1.) Objects now have an Emission map. The higher that the emission value is, the more that the object will be self-lit.

2.) Added a float "emission intensity." Emission value equals emission map * intensity. So an intensity of 1.0 would be 100% of emission map. This is used to fade out self-lit objects.

1.) Visual Effect GameObjects will now use the same NullGameObject for MouseOver and MouseOverDelete gameobjects.

02 Oct 2017 - 27 Oct 2017

We were working on Kickstarter trailers, among other things, for the past 3 weeks.

That's mostly over now, so we'll be back to actually making Starmancer.

    1.) There are 3 types of lights: Ambient, Dynamic, Light.
    2.) Ambient lights are essentially just a tint. They color everything that they touch equally.
    3.) Dynamic lights are basically overhead lamps / spotlights. The further from the light source, the less that the light affects vertices
    4.) Room lights are ambient lights that can color an entire room at once (a room is a series of connected floors, and could be almost any shape.)
    5.) Added unlit sprite billboard material (for skybox and UI)
    6.) A light source will be created when doors are opened (and if both sides of the door have different lights acting on them.) This creates the illusion of light appearing from the open door.

    1.) Added acceleration to the Panning Camera
    2.) Added a shader for Hologram Objects (after being placed by the player, but before colonists start construction)
    3.) Added toggle for full screen game window. Go to tools > toggle full screen.
    4.) Implemented better animations for getting on/off ships.
    5.) Added a non-pirate helmet
    6.) Added dev mode commands for ignoring atmosphere (including atmosphere spreading and colonists requiring oxygen, heat, and cold)
    7.) Increased unit test performance by about 25%
    1.) SpritePalettes now change materials in the same way that every other script changes materials (this prevents the sprite palettes from incorrectly changing hologram materials after construction)
    2.) Animation material offset will now change the offset when the script is enabled (this fixed some issues with the construction animations)

25 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017

Once again, since we're working on the Kickstarter we'll have a bit less time for actual development.


1.) Floors will now leak atmosphere if there's an opening to space

1.) Implemented the chef outfit (I'm really not sure how there wasn't a specific chef outfit. I guess I never noticed.)

2.) The skybox now slowly rotates

3.) Implemented dialogue pop-up box.

4.) Factions now have random avatar portraits (these are supposed to be the faction "spokesperson"

5.) Added PaletteMeshAlphaCutoffShader.

6.) Implemented a camera pan mode.

7.) Floors can now use the PaletteChanger that walls use.

8.) Colonists will now walk in straight lines for as long as possible and they'll always try to walk on their right hand side (but they'll always always use the shortest route)

9.) Increased flow rate of gas and temperature in the atmosphere.

18 Sep 2017 - 22 Sep 2017

Development will be a bit slow for the next few weeks, while we work on the Kickstarter, but it won't completely stop


    1.) DeleteWall and DeleteInfrastructure cursors are now forced step in 2x2.
    2.) Added security posters to build menu
    3.) Adjusted power levels of various machines
    4.) Resized cafeteria chairs to 85,85,85
    5.) Added "Comment" script. For all your GameObject commenting needs.
    6.) Implemented first pass of construction animations.
    1.) Fixed a bug where resource producer "lacking power" warning was not displayed on Machine_GameObjects that didn't require power
    2.) Fixed a bug where pirates would try to fight turrets (this sounds, epic, but the pirates thought that the turret was another colonist)
    3.) Added SceneValidation for Cursor transform.

11 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017

    1.) Floors can be removed even if adjacent floors would become disconnected from the colony now
    2.) Removed other types of walls from the build menu (since you can change the default wall through painting)
    3.) Lockers can now be placed flush against walls
    4.) You can now delete cosmetic objects.
    5.) FluxWall sides now have a parameter for the position of cosmetic objects (this fixed an issue with off-centered paintings on certain wall types)
    6.) Floor blood splatters will now spawn in a circle around the colonist.

    1.) Fixed a bug where 1x1 objects weren't using the correct calculated floor when on the left side of a floor.
    2.) Fixed a bug where foundation walls weren't using the Red Alert system. Added SceneValidator for walls having BuildableWallAnchors to prevent the issue in the future.
    3.) Fixed a bug where colonists would get stuck in toilets
    4.) Fixed a bug where ForcedPaletteObjects didn't work on floors.

04 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017

[Drinking Fountains]
    1.) Added drinking fountains
    2.) Colonists will queue the "FindWater" state once thirst is at 75
    3.) Drinking fountains are only valid if they have access to clean water in the pipe.

[Aquatic Crop Spots]
    1.) These are regular Crop Spots, but they have a variable for "amountOfWaterNeededInTank"
    2.) Water is requested from the clean water grid when powered.
    3.) Water is returned to the grid when object is turned off (as dirty water.)
    4.) Crop spot is not tendable or plantable until enough water has been stored.

[Farm Spots]
    1.) Farm spots now require power (they can't be planted or tended while lacking power, but they can be harvested)
    2.) Implemented power animations
    1.) Adjusted position of food on FinishedDishCounter
    2.) Reduced min clipping plane in MainCamera from 5 to 2
    3.) Informed the world about the changelog on the website
    4.) A thought is now displayed every time that a colonist is damaged
    5.) Colonists are now damaged from the cold/heat every 20 minutes (used to be every 60 minutes)
    6.) Removed stale food tier
    7.) Water Storage Objects must be powered before they are added to grid.
    8.) Water storage objects will now be removed from the grid when unpowered.
    9.) All powered objects will now set the animator boolean "isPowered" to true/false when they gain/lose power (some objects used to do this on a case-by-case basis, but now they all do it.)
    10.) Added a class for setting animator booleans in BuildableObjects, this helps for the tests (when there's never an animator.) 
    11.) Powered Objects will now start/stop requesting power when they're turned online/offline (before an offline object would continue to use power.)
    12.) Warning popups are now removed when an object is turned offline. This removes the visual clutter from an object that you don't care about.
    13.) WaterStorageObjects are now removed from the grid when turned offline.
    14.) Adjusted ComplexBooleans so that they can use BooleanReferences, which can include a callback for easily changing the boolean value (this is used in determining if atmosphere can flow.)
    15.) Atmosphere will now flow through doors when colonists walk through them.
    16.) Water pipes will now be automatically added/removed if objects use water/dirty water as a piped resource.
    17.) Colonists will now always take a side dish and entree

    1.) Fixed a bug where all thoughts were displayed as "Made enemy" thought.
    2.) Resource Piped Input will no longer display a warning if an objects internal storage + the available piped resource meets or exceeds the amount required (before an object would display a warning even if it no longer needed the piped resource)
    3.) InfrastructureConnectingObjects (wires, vents, pipes) will no longer affect floor atmosphere flow at all. This fixed a bug where atmosphere would flow through doors.
    4.) Abandoned crates are now positioned 4 units above the colonist's position. This fixed an issue where abandoned crates were clipping through floors slightly.